Frequently Asked Questions (or more appropriately, Questions We Anticipate You Will Ask):

1) What is wireless Internet, and how is it different from cell phones and satellites?

None of those have wires, but wireless Internet is a way of describing Internet service to your home or business that is similar to DSL, cable, or fiber, but delivered without using wires - a.k.a. wireless! We operate access points on radio towers that "transmit" the Internet to your place. We install a "receiver" at your place to communicate with our access point. And you now have Internet!

2) What is the best service you offer?

What the "best" is depends on what you want to do over the Internet. If you want to download large files, such as operating system updates or photos, having a higher speed is best (we have all sat there watching the download bar wishing it would just FINISH.) If you want to play online interactive games or use an Internet phone service, having quick response is best (i.e. low latency) (slow response is like saying "hello" to someone and have them just stand there and look at you.) If you are watching videos or movies, having a smooth, consistent connection is best (i.e. low jitter) (nothing like getting interested in a movie and then have it "freeze"/"buffer"/"freeze".)
But with all uses, you need adequate bandwidth. Bandwidth is the size (width) of the "pipe". Like a physical pipe or garden hose, the wider it is the more it can carry. How much bandwidth you need depends on what you and everyone else in your home or business is doing at the moment. Too much bandwidth would be like using a firehose to water your garden - overkill! Too little bandwidth would be like emptying your pool with a drinking straw - and who of us has not felt at one time or another like our Internet bandwidth was just like that!

3) Next question...

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